State of the


The current status of New Hampshire’s birds, the challenges they face, and the actions we can take to help them.

About the Birds

New Hampshire’s birds are an integral part of our ecosystem. They can tell us about our environment, and what the birds are telling us may be important, not only to their survival but to ours.
Group of people wearing winter coats and hats in a field with binoculars birdwatching

Bird Trends 101

How are our birds doing? Start here for an overview of current trends in New Hampshire and information on how to interpret the graphs.

Breeding Habitats

Many threats faced by birds are tied to the habitats where they breed. Explore the habitats and learn more about each one’s characteristics, population trends, threats, and conservation actions.

Species Groups

While habitat associations are important when thinking about broad-scale bird conservation, it can also be useful to consider other ways of grouping similar birds together. Here we present summaries of the conservation status of five groups of birds.


Birds of Prey


Aerial Insectivores

Ocean Birds


Funding for the State of the Birds website content and development came from grants from the Davis Conservation Foundation and Biber Foundation.

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